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The members of the HKTA (Hong Kong Tailors Association) includes local and international companies with a wealth of history and heritage in the custom tailoring industry.

Many of our members have been in the business for many generations and has been the foundation of the trade in Hong Kong for many decades.

HKTA has 3 types of membership : Company Member, Personal Member and Associate Member.

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亞民興昌有限公司 A-Man Hing Cheong Co., Ltd.
裁藝軒洋服公司 A Timeless Tailor
百老匯服裝有限公司 Broadway Custom Tailor Company
飛龍洋服 Bosco Tailor

中興洋服 Thumb Thimble Limited

合洋行洋服公司 Cosmo Circle Custom Tailor Co
佳禮公司 Charlie Chang Co
遠東洋服公司 Emersion Tailor
福興父子有限公司 Fu Shing & Sons Co., Ltd
四季禮服洋服 Four Season Tailor
格蘭洋服 Grand Tailor
合洋有限公司 Hondsyork Limited
Jimmy Chen & Co Ltd
京華洋服 King Wah Tailor
明興洋服有限公司 Ming Bros Tailor Co. Ltd
Regent Place Unique
萬利公司 Starfire
天龍洋服 Tin Lung Tailor
洋服專門店 The Professional Tailor
華達洋服公司 Wah Tat Tailor Co
嘉麗製衣有限公司 City Richest Garment Limited
怡昌洋服恤店 Yee Cheong Tailor & Shirt Shop
上海萬美洋服公司 Shanghai Excellent Tailor Company
上海洋服  Baron Kay’s Tailor
英倫公司 British Textile Company
金暉洋服 Golden Light Tailors
3D Fit Ltd
英倫洋服公司  British Tailors
才藝洋服有限公司 K & K  Tailor Company Limited
金奇洋服  King’s Tailors
斌仕洋服  Ben’s Tailor
L & K Custom Tailor Ltd
蘭斯洛特有限公司   Lancelot Limited
卡諾斯國際有限公司 Carlos International Limited
M. I. D. Tailoring
合仕  Suitable Pro

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五洲呢絨有限公司 Woo Chiu Woolen Piecegoods Ltd

老合興有限公司 Loa Hai Shing Co Ltd

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