Hong Kong Tailors Association is a non-profit organisation for local custom or bespoke tailors. It provides a communication platform for local custom or bespoke tailors and play an important role in promoting Hong Kong tailor industry overseas and international trade. Founded on Nov 1, 1935. It is one of the oldest and largest chambers in tailoring industry in Hong Kong.

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Bespoke Tailoring Foundation Course 19 Aug – 14 Oct 2019

每年有很多年輕人加入洋服行業,但他們對洋服業運作不太認識及了解,於營運、製作、生產、客戶服務上都面對很多因難。因此,本會開辦洋服業入門基礎課程,適合對洋服行業有興趣、剛加入洋服行業或修讀時裝設計人仕修讀,課程提供洋服業入門基礎資訊、包括布料及輔料認識、度身及試身技巧、裁剪及洋服製作的基本概念、營運管理等知識。 有興趣報讀人仕, 可直接登入報名 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Vf1uZJfpa5P9_K_uIcohCvB4dTdgJ47Qqm3lJCdekZw/edit  ...

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The Foundation Course of Tailoring Industry

The foundation course of Tailoring Industry has been successfully completed. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all experienced instructors. They spent their valuable time to educate students for the tailoring basic knowledge including operation,...

With the support from the Dedicated Fund on SME Development Fund (SDF) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Hong Kong Tailors Association (HKTA) launched this online platform to assist overseas and local customers to source the appropriate Hong Kong tailor shops based on their needs.

Hong Kong Tailors Association (HKTA) organizes a series of activities including the Hong Kong Bespoke Tailoring Online Platform (www.tailorhk.com), Training Workshops, Hong Kong Bespoke Tailoring Industry Guidebook and Experience sharing, etc. It targets to enhance the competitiveness and professional images of the Hong Kong bespoke tailoring industry. This website aims to share the latest news, deliverables and the content of the training workshops of this funded project with the industry. The ultimate goal is to unite the industry and enhance the service quality and competitiveness continuously, so as to move the industry forward.

The Hong Kong Tailors Association

HKTA offers an exchange platform for commercial information and plays an important role in promoting trade and building regional and international communication.

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